This course aims to combine observational drawing skills with developing a sensibility for the beauty and grammar of mark, colour, and tone. By working in layers, using association, and experimenting with juxtaposition of images and materials, students should leave the course with a strong understanding of how observing the real world can improve their ability to work across the spectrum of realistic to abstract. As the course progresses, greater emphasis will be put on students’ self-expression and students will have the opportunity take greater responsibility for the ideas and subject matter in their own work, if they so desire.

Students are highly recommended to keep a sketchbook throughout the duration of this course.
Syllabus for students continuing in course:

Students who have aleady passed through the beggining of this course will be given tasks both more open and more challenging, but which will build off skills covered in the first part. These assignments and methods will be tailored to each student based on one-on-one discussions, with an aim to achieving both personal and artistic growth.

Drawing and painting course overview

  • Week 1 – Introductory lesson

In this lesson students will get acquainted with each other and will be introduced to the key concepts of layering, pentimento, mark making, and blind drawing.

Materials: charcoal & erasers

  • Week 2 – Shape as shape

Working from an image of their choosing, students will use alternative drawing methods come to an understanding of how even complex images can be broken down into component parts.

Materials: charcoal & erasers

  • Week 3 – Sighting

Building off what was learnt in the previous lesson, students will practice the classic “sighting” technique to convincingly represent objects in space

Materials: charcoal, pencil, erasers, rulers

  • Week 4 – Skin & bones

In this class students will carefully study the structure of the human body, paying special attention to the skeleton. This is in preparation for drawing from a live model in the following class.

Materials: mixed media

  • Week 5 – Figure drawing #1

Working from a live model, students will initially work with gesture drawing and short poses to build their ability to represent the whole body with a few marks. The class will then complete a longer-pose drawing in which emphasis will be put on correct proportions and use of tone.

Materials: charcoal & erasers

  • Week 6 – Figure drawing #2

This class will consist of one long model pose which students will work from using colour and a variety of media to achieve various effects.

Materials: mixed media

  • Week 7 – Colour intensive

How many colours can be included in any one image? Where does the monochromatic end and the polychromatic begin? What are the secrets of the colour wheel? Students will work both from their imagination and from observation to produce an image reverberating with as much colour as possible.

materials: tempera, collage, pastel, coloured pencil

  • Week 8 – Self-portrait #1

Using themselves as inspiration, students will be asked to embark on a creating an image that represents both external appearance and inner self.

Materials: mixed media

  • Week 9 – Self-portrait #2

Students continue on portrait, paying close attention to detail and compositional balance.

Materials: mixed media

  • Week 10 – Experimental drawing

Working with rubbing, patterns, and an unconventional approach to materials, the class will create images that play imaginatively with surface, layers, and representational and abstract elements.

Materials: mixed media

Note: You can check out the art studio, meet the instructor Conrad, observe students at work, and ask questions on the trial lesson. Let us know via



The course is led by native speaker MgA. Conrad Eric Armstrong.


Every wednesday from 7pm-9pm in Atelier 01-check our schedule.

New Drawing and painting class starts 10th of October 2018.

10 lessons/ 4 400 kč
1 lekce / 120 minutes / 500 kč


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