A special English course with a guest artist.

Do you know watercolor?

Do you want to learn watercolor painting?

Let me show you. I am Jiyeon Lim.

(The class will be in English.)

Course schedule:

  1. Week – Say hi to the material.
    You will get to know the paint and paper through 7 ways of watercolor painting (flat wash, grade wash, wet on wet, wet on dry, wet into wet, splatter, dry brush).
  2. Week – Free painting with 7 methods.
    We will experiment with different techniques to apply the 7 methods.
  3. Week – Depth and density of the color.
    Focus on the richness and blending of the paint, water and paper.
  4. Week – What salt can do?
    Experiment with chemical reactions in watercolor.
  5. Week – Portrait of your emotion.
    Paint the subject which you have some emotion with, someone or something you love, hate, miss, want or it can be just you.
  6. Week – Colors out of the class.
    Do you still think the sky is blue?
    We will be hunting the real colors out of the class.
    (It is possible to switch with 5th lesson, depending on weather.)
  7. Week – Portfolio How do you want to keep your work?
    On the paper itself or in the computer? That is not the only way. I will help you personalize your artwork!


  • Water color paper-pencil(Free to choose between HB-6B) + eraser
  • Water color brushes (minimum 2 different thickness)
  • Water color paint (minimum 5 colors)
  • Palette (can be substituted with small bowls)
  • Water bowl to clean the brush (plastic or glass in practical size)
  • Tooth brush
  • Ruler (up to 15-30cm, plastic or metal)
  • Old cloth or towel (for drying and cleaning brush)


Ji Yeon Lim

  • Fine Art at Seoul National University of Science and Technology
  • Graduate school of Art therapy at CHA Medical University
  • Owner designer of brand Two Lines.

Full course 7 lessons / 4 200 CZK
1 lesson (120min) / 650 CZK


soon, stay tuned.





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