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Pinhole photography workshop / in English

24.6.2017 @ 10:00 - 13:00


Light – the essence of photography. The oldest, simplest and cheapest way of making photographs is to record light in a camera obscura – a box with a small hole – onto a piece of light-sensitive material inside. This method has survived the development of more sophisticated photographic techniques, as well as artistic trends and changes in the understanding of photography as a practice. Basic pinhole photography has held an undying interest over the centuries. 

A camera obscura can take many forms. In its construction and operating principles it is closer to being a wheel than a camera – it is very simple and absolutely perfect. We shall find in the workshop that to make a pinhole camera a matchbox suffices (plus some black tape, film and a very small hole…). After each constructing our own pinhole camera, we shall explore the possibilities and surprising benefits resulting from not having or using a conventional camera lens.

The pinhole camera workshop is addressed to anyone interested in photography. All materials are provided and included in the cost of the workshop. Participants do not require any specific knowledge or experience in photography – simply bring yourself and curiosity about this unique technique!

The plan for the workshop:
1. basic description what is pinhole photography and its characteristics combined with presentation of photos made with matchbox pinhole camera
2. everyone prepares a camera from a match box
3. practice: how to make a photo with new camera!

Lecturer: Helena Staniszewska
„I made my own pinhole camera for the first time about four years ago and ever since this camera has played an important part in my photo-journey. I like it because of its simplicity and also, to some extent, its unpredictability. “
Photos taken with pinhole camera took part in vernisage in September 2016 in Prague.

„I like analogue photography generally, working on prints in darkroom. Besides a matchbox-pinhole camera, my favourite cameras are Yashica and Holga/Diana; however, a digital camera is also in my photo-bag. You can see some of the results of my photographic explorations in my simple portfolio„:

Workshop price: 650 per person/ all material included !


10:00 - 13:00