This course aims to combine observational drawing skills with developing a sensibility for the beauty and grammar of mark, color, and tone. By working in layers, using association, and experimenting with the juxtaposition of images and materials, students should leave the course with a strong understanding of how observing the real world can improve their ability to work across the spectrum of realistic to abstract. As the course progresses, greater emphasis will be put on students’ self-expression and students will have the opportunity take greater responsibility for the ideas and subject matter in their own work if they so desire.

Students are highly recommended to keep a sketchbook throughout the duration of this course.
Syllabus for students continuing in course:

Students who have already passed through the beginning of this course will be given tasks both more open and more challenging, but which will build off skills covered in the first part. These assignments and methods will be tailored to each student based on one-on-one discussions, with an aim to achieving both personal and artistic growth.

Drawing and painting course overview

  • Week 1 – Basic shapes

In the first lesson, we will learn how to draw basic shapes and objects in life drawing. Also, we will learn how to create a composition of the picture and how to use drawing materials.

Materials: soft pencil and kneaded eraser

  • Week 2 – Interior

Students are going to draw parts or details of the interior and also will learn how to create a 3d space in the picture using a two-pointed perspective.

Materials: pencil and kneaded eraser

  • Week 3 – Hand

Based on what was learned in the first lesson students will draw more complicated shapes. Starting with the simple shapes and then adding the details.

Materials: charcoal and kneaded eraser

  • Week 4 – Figure Drawing – Proportions of the human body.

The students will make scatches of figures in motion and also of figures in different positions. Scatch is a quick drawing for practice for the following lesson when we will draw the human body from the live model.

Materials: charcoal, kneaded eraser

  • Week 5 – Figure drawing 2

At this lesson, the students will make drawings of a human figure with a nude life model. Using the color of the background to create the mid shades and by adding the darker color of the chalk and white charcoal we will create the volume of the human figure.

Materials: Red chalk, white charcoal, and kneaded eraser

  • Week 6 –  Still life – The Color Theory 

Which colors are primary, secondary, and tertiary. Why is important to know it and when we use the combination of contrast colors?

By mixing the colors we will learn how to choose or create our own pallet of colors.

Materials: Tempera/ acrylics on paper

  • Week 7 – Portrait – Impressionism

Copy painting of an impressionist artist will be the topic for this lesson. Painting by using clean intense colors and learning how to mix the colors of the picture, how to combine the colors to get the same tone from the picture we are copying. The students will work with rough brush strokes, color contrast, and creating a skin color tone.

Materials: Tempera/ acrylics on paper

  • Week 8- Portrait

Painting of a live model students will learn about the proportions of the human face, skin tone, and they will practice how to use cold and warm colors. Also will prove their skills of using the contrast of these colors to make a color harmony in the picture.

Materials: Tempera/acrylics on paper

  • Week 9- Figural compositions

Students are going to create their own style of painting the figures. Inspiration from the artists:

Matthew Stone, Keith Haring, Anna Huláčová, Adriena Šimotová, Yayoi Kusama, Neo Rauch etc.

Materials: Mixed media

  • Week 10 – Landscape

At the last class we will try another painting techniques with watercolor:  wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry

Materials: watercolor


Every Thursday from 7pm-9pm in Atelier 01-check our schedule.

10 lessons/6 300 kč
1 lesson / 120 minutes / 650 kč


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